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Have You Ever Been Blasted for Writing Your Blog Piece?


I wrote a blog earlier this week about FHA appraisals and what a mortgage originator should expect from the FHA appraiser. I thought I was informative and had nothing to upset anybody in this appraisal blog.

I get an email this morning from a home inspector blasting me for writing about ruthless and unpredictable home inspectors. I mentioned this one time as a way many originators view the FHA Appraiser. Attempting to dismiss the myth, I wrote what can be expected on the observation part of the FHA Appraisal Report.

My blog was FHA Property Guidelines Are Not Understood by Many Mortgage Originators!


This poor gentleman believes I was smacking his profession and also apparently believes I was putting an appraisal observation in the same light as a home inspection. Two different scopes of work.

Date: Thursday, December 18, 2008 6:43 AM
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Subject: Ruthless and un predictable home inspector
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I was reading the article of yours where you were talking about an 
            appraisal inspection versus a ruthless and unpredictable home inspector. I 
            bet when  you buy a home for yourself you find the toughest Home Inspector 
            you can find. 
Oh yea the other name we are called is Deal Killers. My Realtors love their deal killer. 
Why you may say? Because we keep both of 
            us out of court. If your of the assumption, an appraisal and home 
            inspection are anywhere similar, then go with a Licensed Professional Home 
            Inspector that knows what he or she is talking about and try to learn 
Oh Yea that cheesy looking website of yours, you can't read the 
            text on the button links. Spend a little money and hire a webmaster. 
Name withheld
TREC Professional License xxxx


Why the hate? I made one statement in the third paragraph that I did not think warranted this reaction. 


Comment balloon 7 commentsJames Graner • December 18 2008 03:13PM



James, you know I thought your post was great, I re-blogged it. Don't let comments like that get you down, who knows what got him worked up.

Obviously he is simply not aware of FHA procedure anyway. He appears to be blasting you for doing his type of work when HUD is the one actually requiring it. Maybe someday HUD will accept home inspections in lieu of appraisal certifications, but they sure don't now!

That was a great post and a great service to AR. If I could urge you to add one more piece of info, under the rural concerns section mention the issue of dirt roads and required maintenance agreements.

Gerry Suarez, Jr.

Your FHA Loan Pro!

Posted by Gerry Suarez Jr., FL Mortgage Guru (Jet Home Loans NMLS 1660135) about 10 years ago

Hi James -

I must say I reread your original post after reading this and if you're skimming thru it, it might seem as if its a slight slam on inspectors.

I hope that inspectors realize that appraisers in general hold them under the highest regard.  I constantly preach to people the importance of getting a home inspection and the difference between an appraiser and inspector.

I'm currently under fire from an underwriter for a house that did not have attic space access and so photos of the attic space could not be taken.  Lately, I've been asked several times to add attic space photos to my appraisal reports.  I'm not sure what they're hoping to find, but pretty soon I have a feeling I'm going to have to take some home inspector courses to see if the cross-beams were installed correctly at the time of construction and whether they meet current code.

Posted by Sara Goodwin, Portland, Oregon Appraiser (Ashcroft & Associates) about 10 years ago


I have got that opinion from other appraisers as well. I guess this was my way of describing the difference between our observation and their inspection.

I love home-inspectors, I am not one and I do not want to be one. I googled ruthless home inspector, and I got many pages of home inspectors that consider themselves to be ruthless. I think I will write soon on the step by step differences between the two processes.

I cannot find the language tonight, I am tired, however I believe the main purpose of sending us to the attic is to verify vents are there and open.

Posted by James Graner (Residential Services: http://appraisalmo.com) about 10 years ago

Hi James, Good post. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting best.

Best - Sash

Posted by Sasha Miletic - Windsor Real Estate (RE/MAX Preferred Realty Ltd.) about 10 years ago


Your words are very kind!


Posted by James Graner (Residential Services: http://appraisalmo.com) about 10 years ago


Yes, I have been blasted for a blog.  They remained anonymous until the very end.  He was rude and very angry at me for an issue I did not create, I was simply posting about it.

Good luck,

Ann Hayden in sleepy Wildwood, Missouri

Posted by Ann Hayden, SelectAnn.com (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties-St. Louis Missouri) about 10 years ago


At least my guy gave his name, location. I have later got opinions from other appraisers that my piece probably was a hidden attack on the other profession, that I hold in high regard. The only action I had was to write and apoligize for the unintended jab. Many people liked the piece and it was rebogged, I do not dare take it down.




Posted by James Graner (Residential Services: http://appraisalmo.com) about 10 years ago